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Superior Fire & Emergency Response Training, LLC is a progressive company whose main goal is to train and educate the future of the Fire and Emergency Service Community.


We have compiled some of the best instructors with an innovative approach to all areas of emergency services. The fundamentals of firefighter training are essential in today’s fire service. As firefighters ourselves, we recognize the value of proficiency on the scene of an emergency or disaster and how important it is to maintain sharp keen skills.

Whether students choose a subject-specific seminar or hands-on training, our company will ensure the highest level of training. Superior Fire & Emergency Response Training, LLC is committed to enhancing the abilities of your firefighters so that they can get the job done in a safe and efficient manner.


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The mission of Superior Fire and Emergency Response Training, LLC is to teach “beyond the book” and provide knowledge and skills that will enhance your safety, efficiency, and knowledge as a firefighter. Our goal is to provide “real-world” tips and techniques gained from experience at fires.

Professional Firefighter Training is important for both the junior members and the seasoned veteran. Continue to learn and retain the knowledge, skills and abilities presented within these classes so that you will have the tools necessary to protect civilians, yourself, fellow firemen and rescue personnel you are working with. Saving lives is our mission so we take fire safety and education seriously. Our Entry and Fire Officer Exam Prep along with our Hands-on Training is intense. It is designed to give you the tools necessary to excel well beyond your Recruit Training. Our instructors are all certified and have decades of experience in Fire and Rescue. Their knowledge and experience is extensive.

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