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The volunteer fire officer

In the Volunteer Fire Service, leaders of the department are elected by popular vote, but who teaches them how to put together training drills, handle calls, not only the “big ones” but the every day calls, write reports, talk on the radio or handle conflict in the fire house?

The course is put together by 15 years experience as a volunteer fire officer and chief officer, learning from what worked and also the failures. 

Is it better to be good at many things or to be GREAT at one big thing? We will discuss this along with many other leadership necessities to help you excel in your Volunteer Fire Officer career. 

This course will cover motivation, respect, training, how to handle basic to advanced calls and much more. 

If you are interested please contact me to discuss further option for your department or agency!



  • Identify / Recognizing the problems with today's volunteer fire departments elections.

  • Identify / Recognizing the responsibility as an officer under Title 40a

  • Motivation and Respect.

  • How to conduct training for a volunteer department

  • Discuss the "Hedgehog Concept"

  • Train young officers and members how to handle the every day calls up to a tech rescue or fire.

  • Report Writing

.25 NJDFS Instructor CEUs 

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