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fire officers / ff responsibility at incendiary fires

Now Approved and Accredited by New Jersey Division of Fire Safety

The fire officer’s / firefighter’s responsibility at incendiary fires is critical. The fire department must know how to assist the fire investigation units at the scene.


Many times, the fire department is the first agency to arrive at the incident and the actions taken by the officers and the members of the fire suppression companies can either help or hinder the fire investigation. Indicators of an incendiary fire can be detected by officers and firefighters by being alert and making observations. The officers and firefighters are the investigator’s eyes and ears prior to his or her arrival.

  • Fire Officer Roles & Responsibilities

  • Fire Scene Overhaul, Pre-& Post Control

  • Fire Investigation Methodology

  • Fire Pattern Identification

  • Fire Causes

  • Incendiary Device Identification

  • Fatal Fires

  • Evidence Protection

  • Report Narrative

  • Press Releases

  • How not to compromise a Fire Scene?

Topics include:

.5 Technical CEUs awarded upon the completion of this course by NJ Division of Fire Saftey

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